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We have a diverse team of exceptional ladies who are passionate about bringing real life beauty solutions to women with things to do. Between product development, promotion, team building, networking and keeping up with trends, there is a lot going on in Swoobieville.

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Our Founder

She's female!

Dawn Hunter is originally from the Pacific Northwest and moved to the east coast for college, graduating from American University in Washington DC and moving to New York City after living abroad. 

The steamy summers and swampy subways of NYC introduced her to the unique discomforts of being a woman on the go in a hot & humid city. After many years working in the cubicle farms and open office plans of corporate America, she finally decided to follow her passion - problem solving! 

The solving of Awkward Beauty problems. Dawn has many ingenious strategies for the unfriendly tasks of personal maintenance and wants to share them in a frank and open manner to make everyone’s life a little easier. BUT! Launching a new women's product is no easy feat - many believe everything women need has already been created.

For this reason, it has been an uphill battle to find a manufacturer willing to develop this revolutionary health and beauty aid. Emails were ignored, calls were dismissed, MANY A CHUCKLE WAS HAD at Dawn's expense but does she care? No! Dawn cares about you having dry boobies.

Thankfully this story has a hero! Dawn has found an extraordinary team who has embraced her vision. Highly qualified engineers with decades of experience are developing a cutting edge absorbent hygiene product for our boobs, targeted to launch summer 2019. 

Dawn believes we only live once and hopes to avoid deathbed regrets of stars left unswung. So! She’s embarked on the adventure of launching Swoobie™  as the first of many Awkward Beauty™ products. More awesome stuff is coming!