Swoobie is Coming...

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Boob Sweat Management

Baby Powder

This classic workhorse smells 

delightful and makes you feel like you tried. 

Use too much and you'll have sludge.


Ten percent of survey respondents 

said they tried it and it worked.

Hey, it's worth a shot.

Argan Oil

Argan oil gets good reviews, try it. 

Vitamin E & antibacterial qualities promote healing and reduce friction.

Soak Up Underboob Wetness

Panty Liners

You should only need three or four.

Or five or so. 

Paper Towels

More than the quicker picker upper. Rediscover your youth with memories of stuffing your bra.

Stay Home

Hope you didn't have plans.

We asked, you answered. Boob sweat survey results are in!