Prevents Boob Sweat Problems

The Wetness

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Boob sweat has nowhere to go - after we stop sweating the bra remains wet so our chesticles marinate in boob juice all day. 

Surprise Odors

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You thought your bra was clean "enough"?

Well, surprise - by the time you arrive in the office you realize you can smell last week's bra funk.

Unsightly Stains

Stinky bra, BO, bra smell, smelly boobs, boob sweat odor, bad smells, sweaty bra

Different body chemistry can cause natural oils and salts, combined with any lotions, perfumes, or deodorants, to stain or bleach your intimates. 

Underboob Rash

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Heat rashes are caused by sweat trapped beneath the skin while warm, moist environments can lead to fungus. Wet, rubbing underwires irritate skin.

More Hand Washing

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Bras can be expensive or delicate. Sweaty bras get smelly & need frequent washing, causing your bra to age more quickly. Who hand washes?  👀

Sweat Through Clothing

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On really steamy days or with very bad luck, 15% of women report being frustrated from sweating through their clothing.

Find Out First!

We see you.

Your cups floweth over!

Looking at our fellow sisters it is easy to see the endowment fairies did not distribute chest size evenly. Heavy or slim, some of us got a double (or triple!) serving of breast size and with it comes extra issues. 

From the holy grail of a bra that fits (while ALSO being supportive) to the many frustrations of clothing and society, we know you may feel this product can't possibly be made for you. 


Swoobie bra liners are designed with supremely absorbent layers to provide our most skeptical consumer the comfort and convenience of a sweat-free bra. Swoobie is shaped to cover your most troublesome areas and provide extra wetness protection in the middle. 

Our patented design covers the lower bra cup (beneath the nipple) and underwires, extending along the crease where the breast meets the torso. This provides market leading sweat protection and coverage, strong enough for the most punishing day of thick summer heat.

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Swoobie is made for all women, including high volume cups!  Made to manage serious wetness.

Swoobie is made for all women, including high volume cups! Made to manage serious wetness.

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We need you.

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Swoobie Bra Liner

Full lower coverage

The liner extends across the bottom of the breast, protecting sensitive skin with absorbent material. 

Versatile placement

Unique design allows full cleavage coverage or reverse placement for revealing necklines.

Locks away moisture

Advanced absorbent technology wicks wetness away from skin, locking it within the liner's core.