Boob sweat? Swoobie gets it.

Boob sweat? Swoobie gets it.

Boob sweat? Swoobie gets it.Boob sweat? Swoobie gets it.Boob sweat? Swoobie gets it.

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Bridal Parties


Hours spent under a hot sun followed by rump shaking. A veritable sweat-fest.

Sweaty Sports


Not everyone likes to marinate in their own sauce. Soak it up with Swoobie!

New Moms


New moms may experience discomfort or excess sweating in new and fun ways. 

Boob sweat is a real problem.

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Most women get boob sweat.

Boob sweat is a very real, common problem. Women replied to our survey revealing 82% of us experience boob sweat anywhere from sometimes to every day. That's a lot of sweaty boobies. 

We asked, and women's #1 complaint is the feeling of wetness in a soggy bra while #2 is the effects on our bra. Planned to re-wear it? With repeat use it smells like a body odor surprise, so maybe not.

Plus, sweat salts and body chemicals often stain or bleach fabrics and don't always wash out, a tragedy for expensive bras.

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How do we manage it?

Silent suffering was tied with periodic wiping at over 30% as the second most common way of managing boob sweat. Too many of us are already silently suffering, so boob sweat shouldn't add to this burden. 

The #1 most common? Over 60% of women reported their bra is sopping up boob juice like a thirsty sponge; turning colors, getting stinky, and needing to be washed. Bra washing? Who has time for that?

Just 9% of women claim no boob sweat at all, but rumor has it they have other problems. 

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Have underboob rash or irritation?

More than 30% of respondents said they experience irritation under their breasts due to heat rash, candidiasis (fungal infection), diaper-rashy conditions, or the friction of their sweaty bra's underwires rubbing beneath their clothes.    

Nobody talks about their underboob rash but almost one third of women are experiencing it. Surprise - it's not just you! We know about it (sucks) and we want to help.

The soft padding of Swoobie's absorbent core cushions your skin from rubbing underwires and guards against bacteria while locking away excess moisture.

Women have been waiting.

Committed to Quality

Committed to Quality

We believe quality should never be a compromise. We're committed to developing a reliable, effective product so you can always trust us with your comfort and protection. 

Confident & Fresh


Swoobie is developing a disposable liner with the absorbency and coverage to keep you fresh on the hottest days. Easily removed, they're also great for a night out dancing. Have fun - stay fresh!

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We want to address ALL your boob sweat needs so we need your help! Please reach out with any suggestions, questions or just to share your story. 

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