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Absorbent & disposable

bra liners for boob sweat.

Boob Diapers!

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Absorbent and disposable bra liners.

  • "I didn't have any of the boob sweat stink at the end of the day."
    Anna P.
    Madison, WI
  • "I worked out vigorously for an hour and swoobies actually kept my sports bra dry!"
    Vanessa H.
    Owasso, OK
  • "I was dry at the end of the day and usually I would have massive sweat marks."
    Elizabeth H.
    Billings, MT
  • "I didn't notice my boob sweat or get itchy like I sometimes do so that meant they were doing their job!"
    Rebecca H.
    Lacey, WA
  • "It meant I did not need to use a zinc powder for a 10 hour flight, and avoided a rash."
    Margaret T.
    Olympia, WA
  • "The swoobies were so soft and comfortable, they made an immediate difference."
    Shelley J.
    Vancouver, BC

Boob sweat is a real problem.

Most women get boob sweat.

Boob sweat is a very real, common problem. Our Boob Sweat Survey revealed 82% of us experience boob sweat.
That's a lot of sweaty boobies.
We asked, and women's #1 complaint is the feeling of wetness in a soggy bra while #2 is the effects on our bra. Planned to re-wear it?
With repeat use it smells like a body odor surprise, so maybe not.

Women have been waiting.

Be drier when you perspire.

How do we manage it?

Until recently, silent suffering tied periodic wiping at over 30% for the second most common way of managing boob sweat.
Too many of us already suffer silently, boob sweat shouldn't add to this burden.
The #1 most common? Over 60% of women reported their bra is sopping up boob juice like a thirsty sponge; turning colors, getting stinky, and needing to be washed.
Bra washing? Who has time for that?

Our product is awesome.

Our product is awesome.

Be saucy in your life, not your bra.